Congratulates Our
STAFF OF THE QUARTER (October - December)

Courtney Patterson

Marketing & Sales RJR 94FM

Edwin Williams

Marketing & Sales FAME95FM

Debbie Nation Ricketts

Marketing & Sales HITZ92FM

Lorna Lewis

Marketing & Sales POWER 106FM

Joan Scott

Marketing & Sales TVJ

Kristopher Plummer

TVJ Programmes

Ryan Newman

Facility / Front Desk

Jordan Forte

Sports Centre

Kaydian Palmer

Human Resource

Dalton Leith

Radio – HITZ 92FM

Curt Hepburn


Herrick Passley

Special Commendation – Lyndhurst

Dwanne Francis

Marketing & Sales-Admin

Mykala Lyons


North Street

Kirk Williams

Credit, Procurement and Transportation

Andre Cunningham

Information Systems

Racquel McLean

Special Commendation

Orlando McGann

Print & Plant – Plant Maintenance

Orane Whyte

Print & Plant – Print Operations

Caliece Dixon

Circulation – Admin, Distribution, Subscription

Raymond Smith

Circulation – Mailing Room, Delivery Contractors

Joan Clarke

Circulation – Vending & Field Unit

Felecia Roberts

Advertising & Commercial Services-Advertising

Cherrilyn Dillon


Sandra McPherson

Advertising& Commercial Services-Marketing & Admin

Simone Morgan-Lindo

Editorial Content-Reporters, Producers and Correspondent

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