Television Jamaica

Television Jamaica (TVJ) is the country’s number one free-to-air television station. For many ordinary Jamaicans, it is the National Station delivering wholesome family programmes that span all demographics and special interests.

The Jamaica Media Comparisons Study 2008 commissioned by TVJ and conducted by Marketing Strategy confirmed that the majority of Jamaican consumers, in each demographic group, choose Television Jamaica as their number one source for news and sports and for various programme genres, such as Morning Shows (Smile Jamaica), Talk Shows (All Angles, Religious Hard Talk), local Jamaican programmes, (Your Issues Live, All Together Sing, Schools Challenge Quiz, Junior Schools Chal¬lenge Quiz), Entertainment programmes (ER, ER2, Rising Stars, Intense), special events and special holiday programming.

Key study results include:

Television reaches the largest proportion of the population daily -91 % versus 73% radio; 30% newspapers.

TVJ overwhelmingly outperforms advertisements delivered via newspapers, radio stations and cable television channels when evaluated on each “best for advertising” attribute -credible, persuasive, informative, memorable, influential, appealing, captivating, eye-catching and interesting.

TVJ’s Prime Time News consistently reaches almost one million viewers every single day, peaking at 82% of viewership.

TVJ commands the largest share of local television audience -62%…. greater than the closest rival at 36%.

TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, Its Morning Time programme between 6:30 -8.30am attracts 63% of morning television prime time viewers….. More than twice the nearest rival at 29% share.

TVJ has a larger audience than any other medium during evening early prime, 6pm -7pm, 28% compared to the nearest free-to-air rivals, 4% and during Prime Time, 6 pm -11 pm TVJ has 36% share of audience compared with 25% held by the nearest rival.

Consumers rank TVJ as the Most Jamaican Station; Most Involved in Communities; Most Informative; Most Entertaining; Best for People Like Me.

The Jamaica Media Comparisons Study 2008 confirms that Television Jamaica is the most effective medium to deliver advertising messages to target audiences, regardless of the demographic group… so… JUST LOOK AT US NOW!