Senior Managers

Meet our Senior Managers
Anthony Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Gary Allen
Group Senior Executive Corporate and External Affairs
Andrea Wilson-Messam
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Henlin
Chief Technology Officer
Tanya Smith
Chief People Officer
Claire Grant
Deputy CEO, Broadcast Services and Group Content Development
Tara Leevy
Senior Legal Officer/Company Secretary
Yvonne Wilks-O’Grady
Group Corporate Affairs
Milton Walker
Deputy GM, Broadcast and Cable News, Sports and Current Affairs
Natonia Sylva
Deputy GM, Marketing & Sales-Broadcast
Trevor Johnson
Deputy GM, Television and Radio Services
Burchell Gibson
Deputy GM GCML/Manager Print, Plant and Circulation
Melvis Cummings
Chief Engineer, Operations
Roland Booth
Manager - Data Analytics and Digital Services
Alethia Logan Palmer
Group, I.T. Operations Manager