Holness dismisses election speculation, says focus now on economic recovery

Amid widespread speculation a general election is imminent, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has suggested he is not thinking about national polls at this time as his focus is on economic recovery.

Speaking at an event in St. Mary on Thursday, Mr. Holness suggested he does not have an election date in mind.

“I see some people summoning the silly season. The only season I know now is summer, and I see some people saying that some event is around the corner. Some people naming dates. You know, when they look to me for the date, I look up: Father God, when?” he declared.

Mr. Holness said there are too many economic problems at the moment to think about an election.

“I see the numbers, I get the telephone calls, I see people starting to get not just fatigued but impatient. I’m well aware that people have lost income, that many of them have depleted their savings. When you could go to the supermarket and fill up the trolley, now you have to be careful what you put in it ’cause you don’t want to be embarrassed when you go to the cashier… So my mind is not on election, my mind is on the economic recovery to ensure we get back on the track we were on,” he insisted.